Sunrise and visit to the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint

Enjoy the sunrise at an altitude of 2,700 m with a guided excursion to the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint. 

The excursion starts at the Port del Rat tunnel, with the aim of ascending to the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint. During the journey, we will see the silhouettes of La Coma peaks and the Tristaina circus, and we will pass by the Creussans pond. Once at the top, while waiting for the sunrise, we will observe the most emblematic massifs of the Pyrenees.

What you need to know about this activity


  • Physical level of the itinerary: demanding.
  • Elevation gain: +472 m / -472 m.
  • Distance: 5.4 km.
  • Duration of the outing: approximately 5 hours.
  • Itinerary:
    • 5:30 am - Meeting point at the Port del Rat tunnel.
    • 5:45 am - Ascent with mountain guide to Pic d'Arcalís.
    • 7:37 am - Contemplate the sunrise.
    • 8:30 am - Breakfast at La Coma.
    • 9:15 am - Climb to the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint.
  • Price per person: €7 including breakfast and guide.